Coffee roaster

August / 2021

design / production / ballotin blasting / assembly / delivery / training

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We are proud to be the first Czech producers of coffee roasters!

A big challenge for us was the design and subsequent production of a coffee roaster. The coffee roaster can hold up to 3 kg of green coffee in one cycle, which it roasts in about 20 minutes, this time varies depending on the type of coffee. Three heating elements with a total output of 9 kW take care of roasting. Programmable thermostats ensure a stable temperature during roasting. Thanks to the frequency converters, the speed of the drum and the speed of the exhaust fan can be regulated. Thanks to the cyclone, the coffee chaff goes into a special basket during roasting. The roaster is also equipped with a so-called tasting paddle, with which an experienced barista checks the roasting process. After finishing roasting, it is very important to cool the coffee down as quickly as possible so that the roasting process is finished and the coffee retains its qualities. A drum is used for rapid cooling, in which the roasted coffee is mixed and at the same time a powerful exhaust fan starts to pump out the hot air.

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Pražička kávy z konstrukční kanceláře Jiří Kizek

Basic information

  • volume of 3 kg of green coffee
  • electric heating 9kW
  • drum speed control
  • control of the exhaust fan
  • programmable thermostat
  • rapid cooling of coffee in a drum with mixing and heat extraction

Electric heating

  • very simple control
  • excellent control of the set temperature
  • sufficient power of 9kW
  • no emissions to affect the taste of the coffee

Control panel

  • adjustable position
  • great overview of temperatures during roasting
  • Simple control
  • possibility of customer configuration

Easy cleaning

  • doors in places of greatest pollution
  • door under the cooling drum
  • door under the heating elements
  • suction of the chaff (coffee husks) during roasting into the basket

Easy manipulation

  • thanks to the wheels, the sleeper can be easily handled
  • the suction cyclone is mounted on the roaster

Roasting control

  • the color of the coffee can be checked thanks to the sight glass
  • coffee sampling scoop
  • very quiet operation, allowing you to hear the "CRACK" (see BLOG post)


"In an effort to find a suitable roaster machine for our roaster, we went through quite a large selection, but with each of them we came across restrictions or limits that would significantly limit us when roasting coffee and maintaining the roaster itself. With this challenge, we approached the mechanical engineering office Kizek, which was able to provide us with a complete service related to the development and production of a roaster exactly according to our specific requirements. In addition, the Kizek company brought its design and technological know-how to the process, enabling the creation of a compact and unique coffee roaster. Through this new roaster, we are able to achieve absolutely exceptional pure coffee flavors that would otherwise be impossible to achieve. Important maintenance and ensuring the hygiene of the roaster is very easy and time-saving thanks to the materials used and easy access to all parts."

Ondřej Polák
The owner of the company