Mechanical Engineering

We realize your ideas

We design products for your business, thus turning visions into reality.
We save you costs associated with renting CAD system licenses
and ensure complete development, production, and delivery of your new product.


device design


Our mechanical engineering office specializes in creating individual device designs and technical solutions for new products that precisely meet the specific requirements and needs of our customers, turning your vision into a real product.

3D models


We precisely and detailed create 3D models of devices from our designs using professional software Creo Parametric, enabling us to identify potential problems before production and optimize the manufacturing process, whether it's for ordinary or more complex projects.



From 3D models, we create complete production documentation in digital formats such as PDF, DXF, DWG, STL, and others. This process involves thorough processing and data conversion tailored to the specifics of each format, ensuring optimal conditions for production and compatibility with various manufacturing technologies and devices.

realistic vizualization


Even before the start of production, we can create realistic visualizations of devices and through augmented reality (AR), show you the final product as accurately and detailed as if it were right in front of you. Using a tablet or phone, you can see your new product in a real environment.

3D printing


To prepare for 3D printing, we ensure model preparation, including geometry optimization. We prefer the HP JET FUSION 3D printing technology, allowing us to achieve high precision, consistent shape, and smooth surface of the final part at affordable costs.

electronics programming


Through electronics and programmed functions, you'll be able to control your product easily and intuitively. We'll create a custom-designed printed circuit board that not only ensures optimal functionality but also adds uniqueness to your new product, emphasizing its individuality and value.

prototype manufactoring


We offer our customers comprehensive services in the field of prototype manufacturing. We thoroughly test the devices, allowing us to improve and refine them even before starting mass production.

mass production


We ensure serial production of devices or components starting from one piece. We will arrange assembly, painting and delivery. We consistently pay attention to the final quality of the product.



We will provide our customers with the transport of their products. We carefully adhere to the agreed deadlines.


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