Our mechanical engineering office

specializes in transforming ideas into functional solutions using an innovative approach and technical know-how. With an emphasis on details and creativity, we transform concepts into practical and reliable products that meet the requirements and expectations of our clients. Thanks to modern technologies, we can effectively implement even the most demanding projects. Our services include:


    After consultation with the client, we create a detailed equipment specification, which includes product design, features, budget and timeline. The next step is to develop and test the prototype, while we constantly collect feedback from clients and make the necessary adjustments. Finally, we perform final product testing and prepare it for mass production.


    The use of Creo Parametric software for 3D modeling brings significant advantages in the design of a new product. This tool enables detailed real-time modeling and simulation, making it easier to identify and eliminate potential problems in the early stages of development. Thanks to the integrated functions for parametric modeling and generative design, the appearance of the product can be effectively optimized, which leads to faster development and a better final product.

    What is generative design?

    Generative design in Creo Parametric enables automatic generation of the optimal 3D model design with function and manufacturing in mind.


    The creation of production documents is a key step in the transition from device design to its production. It includes detailed engineering drawings, material specifications and manufacturing procedures that provide the manufacturing team with the necessary information to manufacture the product. These documents ensure the consistency and quality of the production process and serve as reference material for quality control and adherence to standards.

    Thanks to 3D models, we create production documents for CNC machines such as lasers, press brakes, punches, milling machines, lathes, 3D printers, and then drawings for assembly, welding, riveting, painting, etc.


    Creating a photorealistic visualization from a 3D model is an important element when presenting a product or concept. This process involves the application of textures, lighting and shading to make the resulting image as true to reality as possible. Photorealistic visualizations allow customers and managers to get a clear idea of the appearance and characteristics of the product even before it is produced.

    We will show you your new product thanks to AR (augmented reality) as if it were right in front of you, it is a presentation of a digital 3D model in a real environment.


    We optimize the model for 3D printing, convert it to an STL file. We will provide you with 3D printing according to your preferences.


    Equipping the product with electronics and programming functions is key to improving the product's competitiveness on the market. This way we can add new useful features. Thanks to electronics and programming, we can also respond quickly to changes in consumer preferences and requirements. These technologies allow our products to constantly adapt to new market needs.


    Prototyping is a key step in the new product development process. It helps test and validate concepts, designs and functionality before mass production.

    We will provide the customer with prototype production. Together with him, we will design a production method that best matches his goals and budget. During the prototyping process, we provide continuous feedback and ensure that the final prototype meets expectations and desired specifications.


    We will provide the customer with mass production.


    We will ensure the transport of a new product or device, including assembly and operator training.

What we are currently working on

We are currently proposing to our customer a new fee cash register that will enable the receipt of a large number of coins and banknotes. Another customer of ours needs a product for the safe disassembly of insulin dosing syringes.

We are also working on expanding our own product portfolio:
  • Welding cart

    For our own use, we are currently developing a multi-functional welding cart for safe storage of the welder and compressed gas. We did not find any such welding cart on the market or its quality did not appeal to us. The welding cart is almost finished and now we will test and improve it. We will offer the perfect product to customers.

  • Stainless steel rolling grilles

    We need to secure the workplace with high-quality stainless steel rolling grilles. We could not find any sufficiently massive, designer, interior and exterior rolling grilles on the market, so we decided to design them ourselves. Now we are waiting for prototype production and testing.

A vision for the future

Our mechanical engineering office focuses on continuous technological progress and innovation that will lead to the creation of even more efficient and user-friendly products.

A bit of history

At secondary industrial school in Klatovy, I started designing and manufacturing tube amplifiers and electric guitars.

After school, I was employed as an output quality controller and visual weld inspector at KORAMEX a.s. To simplify the work of welders, I designed a welding positioner with a load capacity of 1000 kg and a semi-automatic welding machine with a maximum weld length of 1 m.

In Albacon Systems, a.s. I worked as a service technician for banknote and coin counters. At the same time, I was developing a new portfolio of products. These were self-service cash registers for receiving cash, which are produced until today. I also prepared production documents for hard-to-find spare parts.

In the company Elektroline a.s. in the position of a mechanical engineer, I developed a charging station for electric cars, tram converters including cabinets for their storage, a structure for attaching a tram traffic light and much more.

"I am your reliable partner and innovator who will bring you a competitive advantage in the market."

Jiří Kizek - owner
owner of the mechanical engineering office Jiří Kizek